10 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity for making clumsy mistakes, especially if you decide to DIY. However, with the right guidance and tools, you can get around any obstacle. To have a successful  renovation, try to avoid these 10 common mistakes:


Being overwhelmed with decorating ideas is very common for home remodels. But, with the various appealing trends out there, things can get a bit confusing. Mixing up styles and materials is always welcomed, if you don’t overdo it. A general rule is to combine 2-3 different styles. For example, you can mix industrial décor with classical elements like quartz countertops and river-stone sinks.


Some people insist on doing everything themselves. Even though DIY remodels are extremely fun, they are also a landmine for disasters. DIY repainting or installing cabinets is ideal for amateur renovators, but when plumbing and electricity are involved, save yourself some trouble, and make way for the experts. From basement floods to damaging sewer pipes, DIY plumbing is usually a bad idea.


The key factor of home remodeling is getting the right measurements. Purchasing showers and tubs that don’t fit the “rough-ins” and drain vents is one of the most common mistakes out there. This mistake is almost always followed by unpleasant leaks, floods, and expensive replacements. So make sure you bring your tape measure with you and try to buy the right fixtures for your washroom.


Most drainage systems function with the help of gravity. Excess water travels through a sloppy terrain to enter a proper disposal area. That’s the base philosophy even for basement waterproofing. To have a fully functioning bathroom, you must make sure the floor is properly sloped. Level shower flooring is drainage’s worst enemy. As with other plumbing maneuvers, this isn’t a DIY projects.


During a bathroom remodel, exhaust fans are the last thing on people’s minds. That’s why most homeowners make the mistake of buying cheap, low-quality ones. These will damage your airflow, collect dust, and create a breeding environment for mold. So don’t be afraid to invest in high-end exhaust fans that work with timer switches. They will save you tons of worries and money on future repairs.


Exhaust fans aren’t the only way for improving bathroom ventilation. Another way to keep that airflow going is to install large and efficient windows. This brings tons of other benefits, including wonderful outside views, access to natural light, and improved energy efficiency. And to maintain your privacy, you can always install smart windows with switchable glass.


Marble countertops are an amazing way to modernize the bathroom, however, you must choose the right manufacturers. Truth is, some materials are porous, water-sensitive, and don’t work well in bathrooms. Hardwood floors are also a popular trend, but before you install them, you must consult with experts on resistance coefficients and durability.


Getting caught up in installing your new walk-in shower or luxurious free-standing tub can lead to forgetting a key washroom feature – storage space. Minimalism and simplicity is great, but not when you don’t have a place to put your toothbrush and towels. Try not to compromise practicality and comfort on behalf of aesthetic appeal.


Apart from cheap fans, homeowners can truly suffer from cheap and low-quality fixtures. Oddly enough, the type of showerhead and faucet you have influences your water spending, aesthetics, and comfort. When shopping for fixtures, look at quality before beauty. Energy Star ratings can tell you a lot about the functionality of a product. Higher efficiency ratings mean lower utility bills.


The last, but not least is worrying too much. After all, home remodels should be a fun family activity. Even though bathroom upgrades can be complicated and time-consuming, having a positive outlook brings only good things. Instead of trying to take on the entire task on your shoulders, try to collaborate with experienced contractors. It will save you tons of worries and clumsy mistakes.

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