5 Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are becoming trendier each day. Walking through narrow hallways and bumping in furniture is definitely a thing from the past. From improving natural light to creating a massive playroom, this design brings tons of benefits. But, there are 5 main reasons why homeowners instantly fall in love with the idea and here they are:


Even though open floor concepts first became popular in large corporate offices, this trend proves much more valuable to the regular household. The most important perk of this architectural plan is that it can actually strengthen family bonds.

Providing an elegant traffic flow between various rooms, they make the living and dining room much more accessible, inviting the entire family to join in. Additionally, there is space for everybody’s gadgets such as hanging chairs, throw pillows, toys, books, and working desks.


Besides having a wonderful psychological impact, open plans create an amazing connection to the outdoors. Without heavy walls in the way, natural light quickly travels throughout the entire house. Some designers even add wide windows and patio doors to highlight this advantage.

And with always having sunlight in the house, relaxing on a Sunday morning will become an experience of its own. If you are worried about privacy, you can always install smart windows or add heavyweight drapery. In this modern technological era, there is a solution for everything!


Ventilation is very important for maintaining a healthy living environment. Without quality windows and fans, homes easily become damp and moisty. This wouldn’t have been such a problem if mold and fungi didn’t love moisture so much.

So another benefit of open concepts is that they can actually improve your health. With getting rid of walls and doors, air circulates much easier all over the house, creating a fresher and cleaner environment. To make the most of it, you can add skylight windows, ceiling fans, and indoor gardens.


Putting practicality aside, wide spaces can instantaneously make a home more luxurious. By making the space seem larger, you will feel like royalty when stepping in your living room. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by byers and that’s why open floors are one of the top 10 investments with a high ROI.

Being a part of modern trends, this design will elevate your home’s appeal, creating an authentic area to relax, host parties, and play with the kids. Also, you can cleverly use conversation pits, kitchen islands, and smart storage to highlight the width.


Some homeowners choose open floors to improve airflow, others to increase home value. Both reasons are completely legitimate, but many of us forget how this design actually gives us a peace of mind. You can easily have control over the whole house, carefully watching your kids while laying on the sofa.

Additionally, you will have a much more efficient household, not having to worry about door replacement and heat loss. Open floor concepts are chosen by many because of their high energy efficiency. The large access to large amount of natural light reduces usage of artificial lighting and electricity.

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