Common Myths about Home Remodeling

After spending years in the same house, life can get a bit dull. To spice up their routines, tons of people are opting for a home remodel. But, as with everything, there are certain stereotypes about remodeling that have scared away many homeowners.

Blindly trusting these myths is definitely a mistake. So don’t allow some misleading information to distract you from fulfilling your dreams! To fight off your fears, here are some common myths you should immediately shatter:


Since home-flipping shows became popular, everybody is looking for ways of making more profit. Many people have even put aside their dream remodels on behalf of more profitable ones. But, life is too short and our homes are much more than a business investment.

Unless you are planning to sell soon, ignore market value and choose something that warms up your soul. Plus, you never know! Sometimes, the spontaneous remodels are those that pay off the most in the end.


On the other hand, if you are looking to increase value, you must get rid of one completely misleading myth. Recently, there have been some negative opinions about a kitchen renovation’s ROI stats. However, as always, a kitchen remodel is a smart move, especially if you are planning to flip the house.

From marble countertops to hardwood flooring, a new kitchen is literally a goldmine. Of course, there have been situations where homeowners got ripped off or made the wrong decisions. But, if you plan wisely, every type of renovation can be both fun and profitable.


Sadly, when people hear the phrase “home remodel”, they immediately imagine chaos. But most of the time the process is actually pretty neat and tidy. Yes, the situation can get noisy, but you definitely won’t need to sleep in a motel while it lasts (another common myth).

Also, if you are collaborating with professional contractors, expect the house to be clean at all times. The best companies even offer to create “zones” from plywood to allow a safe entrance for you and your family.


When we already mentioned contractors, let’s talk a bit about the most dangerous myth out there: “Doing it yourself saves money” Unless you are a certified expert, specialized in a specific type of renovation, this decision can end up being a disaster.

Some people love doing things on their own, but largescale remodels shouldn’t be on their list. From permits to materials and engineering, the cost of DIY can climb much higher than the one for hiring a professional construction company.

The success of a home remodel also depends on the manufacturing and installation. Choosing the wrong product will cost you double. With experts, this won’t happen since most of them collaborate with acknowledged manufacturers (who usually offering discounts, yay!)


Another common myth is that “going green” is only for the wealthy. Tesla cars, solar panels… you name it! But, sustainability is for everybody. There are tons of options available today.

From kettles and ovens to roofs and windows, for almost the same price as regular appliances, energy efficient ones use much less power, even cutting utility bills down to 15%. Additionally, you can always create sunrooms and indoor gardens.

Don’t allow some rich guy in a Tesla to scare you away from a new, sustainable home. Consult with experts to find the most effective and adequate solutions. Everything is possible!

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