What Do I Do When My Basement is Flooded?

The basement is the floor of a building that is completely or partly underneath the ground floor. Basements are basically used as utility spaces in the building. A basement is mostly used for keeping items such as washing machines, water heater, boilers, circuit breakers/relay panels, fuse boxes, air cooling systems or used as a car park. There are various types of basements such as underground crawl space, walk-out basement, subbasement, and daylight basements.

Basements are rarely constructed in houses with wet climates or else flooding becomes a reoccurring issue. This issue of wet or flooded basements requires various ways to solve and here are step by step procedures to assist you in finding the necessary solutions.

Isolate The Cause And Apply Temporary Fixing

One major step to consider when dealing with a flooded basement is to isolate the source of the water flowing into your basement, be it a leaking point or a broken pipe, endeavor to locate the source and apply a temporary solution by isolating it from other parts of the basements either by putting a bucket under the leaking position or by switching off the flow of water to a broken pipe.

Shelter over Window Wells

Window wells are a source for natural lighting into the basement. Window wells are also used as an escape route in cases of emergencies. Also, window wells provide security against pests and dust. Irrespective of the many advantages associated with window wells, they still serve as an opening for water flowing into the basement especially during winter seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to build shelters over window wells to protect water from flowing down to the basement. This is a practical preventive method against flooding of basements.

Turn off Water Line at Affected Area

As stated, flooded basements can be caused by a torn or broken water line such as a pipe. To solve these, check for water lines in affected areas to know if there is a breakage, and then turn off the water supply through the waterline. This stops the leakage of water and gives you enough time to find a permanent solution.

Turn off Main Water Line

Since the basement is a utility room, water supply is essential. In the case of a wet or flooded basement, turn off the main water supply into the basement, and trace the source of the flooding. It is necessary to hire a professional renovation and construction company to assist you in the construction of your basement to avoid scenarios like flooding.

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